About Pam

Pam K Productions Ltd is a production company set up by Pam Kleinot in 2018. Pam has a long-standing career as an investigative medical journalist in South Africa before coming to London to work as a sub-editor on various Fleet Street newspapers including The Guardian and The Mirror. Pam is also an established psychotherapist and group analyst and worked in the NHS for more than 10 years.

In both strands of Pam’s work, people are inextricably linked to each other and the individual is essentially social in nature. She sees it as crucial to look at health issues through a social rather than a medical lens, the latter not taking account of the impact of housing, nutrition and education in the context of ill-health.

Like Pam, many psychotherapists and group analysts are expressing concern about the powerful change of culture in the NHS. They describe how NHS changes parallel wider social changes towards individualisation and fragmentation. This, together with an industrialised work ethic, has generated a ruthless business model that has supplanted the egalitarian spirit of the NHS.

With the impact of increasing patient demand and dwindling resources, it is a short step to sacrificing the original ideals of the NHS to the competitive ambitions of big business.

While working in the NHS, Pam became increasingly aware, at the front line of service provision, of the erosion of the health services’ founding principles: caring for all members of society, based on clinical need, not ability to pay.

Pam’s commitment to telling the story of the piecemeal deconstruction of the NHS has led to her self-funding the principal photography of the film, Under The Knife.