A Second Chance

Many people die waiting for transplants, this feature length documentary tells the story of the gross shortage of organs donation world-wide. We focus on the story of Talia whose life hung in balance until she received a double lung transplant. The loss of one life, saved another.

Under The Knife

Under The Knife is a feature documentary that uncovers a dramatic story – epic in scale – from the inception of the NHS which arose from the ashes of post-war Britain to the turbulent times of today.

More than 60 people have been interviewed for the film – including politicians from all parties, leading journalists, clinicians, expert commentators and patients – which is illustrated through live action and historic footage as well as satirical humour through animation, taking us deeper into the heart of the NHS than ever before.

Our investigation has found that what is happening in the NHS is a barometer of what is happening around the country and perhaps around the world.

Controversial from the start, the NHS became the United Kingdom’s greatest and most cherished institution. It set the gold standard for healthcare around the world. But today, due to cuts, closures and underfunding, its existence is under severe threat. It has moved away from Bevan’s idealism to the likes of billionaire Branson.

The turning point was Andrew Lansley’s 2012 Health and Social Care Act which culminated in the most radical assault on the NHS.

Lansley’s reforms legally removed the responsibility of the secretary of state to provide health care for everyone. More than 200 MPs and Peers with vested interests voted for the legislation which opened the floodgates to bidding and tendering of private companies for the health service. The democratic process was subverted by the government.
The battle lines were drawn.

Communities, health care professionals and campaigners have fought hospitals and services threatened with closure through the courts, in council chambers and on the pavements. They have followed in the success in the people of Lewisham’s who won against the government and saved their hospital. The battle rages on as hospitals and GP surgeries around the country close or are at risk and private companies creeping into the system.

Health policy touches everyone throughout the world. Everyone needs to hear this story.